Limitless Possibilities!

January 24, 2013

Dreams Riviera Maya Trip 106“If you pay close attention to your own experience, you will begin to realize that there is more to nothingness than meets the eye.  The nothingness is not nothing.  Nothing is happening there, and yet it is deeply compelling.  If you get into a deep state of meditation it’s absolutely enthralling.  There is something in the nothingness that, once discovered, is absolutely absorbing.” ~ Andrew Cohen
Flying for me is a very spiritual experience, especially when flying over the vast ocean.  The perspective of the Universe from an airplane is so mystifying, so intriguing that it begs for my full attention.  From this perspective I see the limitlessness of the Universe that is so deeply compelling and which draws me into a meditative state, into a state of nothingness.
Flying back to the mainland from Hawaii for hours and hours shows just how limitless the Universe is.  I cannot even fathom with my small mind how many trillions of gallons of water are in the Pacific Ocean, let alone all the other oceans of the world. Letting go of my small mind and allowing myself to be embraced by the beauty and magnificence before me, I see each little wave below as a possibility.  I see each cloud as a possibility.  I see before me a multitude of infinite possibilities…and I wonder.
I wonder how I allow myself to fall into the trap of small mind and all the limits it likes to place on me.  I wonder just what I could create if I continually stepped out of small mind and stepped into the Big mind of God.  I know that all things are possible and yet sometimes I forget…that is until I see from a different perspective.
These wonderful experiences, like flying over the ocean and seeing the sphere of all possibility within it, are the moments I need to imprint in my mind.  Then when I forget that I am not a limited being, that I have within me all that I need to imagine and create, I can call on them to help me remember.
And that is why I am writing this today.  I want to remind myself and remind you of what powerful, limitless beings we truly are.  When we tap into the divine impulse, the mind of God, we connect with that deep part of our inner world, our essence, and sense our potentiality.  We have the potential for such creativity, such brilliance, such expansion of our consciousness that we can’t know it until we go into the nothingness and connect with what is happening there.  And when we do, it is “absolutely absorbing.”
I challenge you to imagine if you dare to see yourself as vast and limitless as the ocean with waves of possibilities everywhere you look.  Imagine that each one of these waves has the potential to carry your dreams and desires across the cosmic ocean of limitlessness.  And if you come to your edges when you can’t imagine anything more, push beyond those edges.  Don’t allow yourself to play small anymore.  Play BIG in this game of life.  Challenge that little voice telling you you can’t.   Listen to the big voice that is telling you you can!
I also challenge you to find those opportunities that take you to that place of meditation that can absorb and enthrall you.  It is deeply satisfying to be in that space, if even for a moment.  It is that connection to the evolutionary impulse that will keep you moving forward on your journey with awe and wonder. It is that impulse that will lead you home.  Feel it, welcome it, and follow it!

Thanks for visiting my playground of transformation!  It is always a pleasure to have you join me here.  Feel free to comment, like, share and/or bring your friends and family to visit and play.  I look forward to seeing you here again!

Many Blessings,


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2 Responses to “Limitless Possibilities!”

  1. Barb Says:

    Thank you for this beautifully descriptive reminder!

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